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Are you tired of selling wholesale kitchen cabinets that do not help your kitchen business make the profits you want? Do you want to sell kitchen and bathroom cabinets that every homeowner wants in their space? Become a cabinet dealer with Choice Cabinet today.

We sell everything homeowners want in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Our cabinets are designed by the industry’s most creative, artistic, and experienced cabinet makers. We take our cabinets through several stages of refinement to provide durability, aesthetics, storage, and resistance to water and heat.

Affordability does not translate to low quality with Choice Cabinet. We do not compromise on quality in a bid to sell cheaper products. This is why thousands of homeowners in the US trust our cabinets to last for decades while still maintaining beauty and strength.

What we offer our Kitchen Cabinet Dealers:

Every Cabinet Design, Color, and Finish You've Ever Wanted Always In Stock

We stock various traditional and contemporary door styles in various finishes and colors. You’ll find and achieve the right look to fit any room. And because we carry over 50,000 cabinets in our warehouse at any given time, our high-quality cabinets are available to meet even the shortest lead times.

Here are some wholesale kitchen and bathroom cabinets you will find at Choice Cabinet:


RTA Cabinets

We create RTA cabinets promoting lower shipping, installation, and assembly costs. Our RTA cabinets are super-easy to assemble as they come with a manual that makes the process straightforward. There also isn't any need to pay anyone for installation as they’re the easiest to install.


Shaker Cabinets

Our shaker cabinets are effortlessly gorgeous and sell out with speed. We know this because we have heard testimonies from our dealers. Our shaker cabinets come in several finishes, materials, and sizes that appeal to traditional and contemporary homeowners.

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Custom Cabinets

Our corner cabinets are designed to help homeowners maximize space while offering a fantastic level of beauty and sophistication to kitchen and bathroom spaces. Our corner cabinets come with accessories and hardware that make them space-intensive and easy to access.

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Corner Cabinets

If your cabinet doesn’t steal the show in your home or showroom, then it’s not Choice Cabinet’s raised-panel cabinets. Our raised panel cabinets are the best in style, storage, durability, and affordability. We design these cabinets for homeowners who want to create a sophisticated home interior with timeless cabinets.

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Kitchen Islands

Different homeowners have different kitchen layout ideas, and the island kitchen is one of the most prevalent in recent times. Our kitchen islands effortlessly increase counter space, offer additional seating options and storage space, and help create a defined space.

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Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

Our bathroom vanities are designed to withstand the humidity and wetness in the bathroom. We design our bathroom cabinets and vanities using sturdy materials like solid wood, plywood, and many more.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Expand Your Kitchen Cabinets Dealership Business by Selling Choice Cabinet

The easiest way to succeed in your cabinet dealership business is to assure your customers of high quality, luxury, and affordability. At Choice Cabinet, we assure you of all three of those qualities. We have been selling cabinets to homeowners and dealers all over the US for almost three decades. One thing our customers trust us to do is deliver results that match our promises. Fill out our form to become a wholesale kitchen cabinet dealer today!


Is Building Kitchen Cabinets Cheaper Than Buying?

Discussing costs, it hinges on the needed resources. Before diving into DIY cabinets, ensure you have the necessary tools and skills, and weigh the time commitment. If you lack tools, skills, and time, it’s more cost-effective to buy cabinets from a wholesaler.

How Much Should I Budget For Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet prices vary based on factors like type, material, DIY vs. professional build, and wholesale vs. retail. Kitchen size also matters. Costs typically range from $899 to $1099 per linear foot, or $2,300 to $8,500 for a 25-foot kitchen, depending on wood and customizations. Hiring a professional installer will raise the budget.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Unfinished Cabinets?

For kitchen remodels, unfinished cabinets offer advantages. They’re more affordable than finished ones and offer customization in color, wood type, and hardware, all at a lower cost than their finished counterparts.

Are Your Cabinets Available At Wholesale Prices To Homeowners As Well?

We offer wholesale prices primarily for dealers, but we also connect homeowners directly, bypassing retailer markups. Visit a Choice Cabinet showroom for quality cabinets at unbeatable prices.

How do you handle shipping?

Call us to order our beautiful cabinets, and we’ll ship them directly to your location.

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